Review Policy

Why we review:

Here at FrameLag, we take our reviews very seriously. We are aware that a number of our visitors come to to read our reviews and therefore we have an obligation to give you the readers our unbiased and fair reviews. FrameLag does not cater to any video game developers, publishers, PR teams, or anybody else. We review all games fairly and will put out honest reviews as we have always done and will continue to do. It is important to us that you the visitor knows what you are getting when you are purchasing a game along with the quality that the game will have.

How we review:

We review using a 10-point scale. This means the more points a game has the better it is. That does not mean however that a game that has a 5 is bad, it just means that the reviewer here at FrameLag who reviewed the game thought it was meh. Many video game publications review video games using a 10-point scale but so many of them paint games in a negative light if a game has under an 8. If games are reviewed using a 10-point scale a 5 or 6 shouldn’t be viewed as bad but just okay or meh as it’s right in the middle of the 10-point review scale and not in the lower half of the scale. No matter what a game gets the reader of the review should know the exact quality of the game by the end of the review and that is why we use a 10-point scale.

The overall review of the game is made up of five criteria such as the gameplay of a game, the visuals of a game, and the sound of a game. Each genre will also have unique criteria. We do this as every game genre is different. If you want to read the review for a survival horror you may want to know how intense or scary it is. While if you’re thinking about purchasing an RPG the story may be important to you. We feel doing this will help us deliver the best review possible to what a reader is looking for in a game of that particular genre.

Breaking down the 10-point scale

10 – Masterpiece:

A game that is truly breathtaking. While not perfect, it is as close to perfect as it can get and will be talked about for years to come.

9 – Amazing:

An excellent game. This is an amazing game and will be looked upon very favorably by most if not all.

8 – Great:

Overall a great games, however, there are enough problems that it will most likely not win any Game of the Year awards. Most will still enjoy the game though.

7 – Good:

A generally good game, especially if you’re a fan of the genre or series the game is part of. There are more pros than cons here, but some of the cons could be quite noticeable and might be annoying for some.

6 – Okay:

A game that is okay. It has some pros but almost has just as many cons, some of which could be being unoriginal, executed poorly, and/or being buggy.

5 – Meh:

A game that has equal parts good and has equal parts bad. You may enjoy the game, but there will certainly be parts you do not enjoy and will leave you frustrated and annoyed. The game being part of a certain series may draw you in but overall the game will just be meh.

4 – Bad:

A game that is bad. While it may have its own merits as a game of a particular genre, the cons outway the pros and most other games would be a better purchase.

3 – Poor:

A poorly made game that you’ll only want to buy if you’re a fan of the series the game is part of, as this game has many flaws if you’re not a big fan of the series it will be worth skipping this game.

2 – Terrible:

A game that is terrible. There may be a couple of parts throughout the game that brings you a little bit of joy, it’ll overall be unfun and a terrible experience.

1 – Horrendous:

A horrendous game that is pretty much unplayable. It will consist of really bad controls, be broken during various parts of the game, and be extremely buggy.

0 – Unholy:

A game that should never be played. You should avoid playing this at all costs and this game should be thrown into the deepest pits of Hell as it is truly unholy.

Who does the reviews:

Here at FrameLag, our editors have a variety of different interests in game genres and game series, so based on their interests we will always assign them games to review that align with their interests. We would never assign an editor to review an RPG game when they don’t like RPG games. Of course, an editors schedule and workload also plays a very important part as to who gets assigned what game to review as we want our editors to have ample time to play all of a game and explore all of a game’s modes while writing the game’s review. This ensures that we are presenting our readers with the highest quality reviews.

When we release our reviews:

We try to release our reviews for a video game as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately, that is not always possible as many games have different lengths and different difficulties so they take different amounts of time to really see all of what a game has to offer. We also take our time while playing and reviewing a game in order to give our visitors the most accurate review of what pros and cons a game has. With that said, once again we always try to get reviews out as quickly as possible but a game that is part of the Survival Horror or fighting genre is going to have a much quicker turnaround time than a game that is part of the RPG genre. We take time reviewing games so we cover all there is to cover and

Where we get our games we review:

Here at FrameLag, we get our games we review a few different ways. If an editor is interested in a game and wants to review a specific game, that editor can go purchase the game and review it. FrameLag can also purchase the game for an editor to review, and lastly, FrameLag can also receive a review copy from a game’s publisher or developer that we will then assign one of our editors that has an interest in the game to review. How we receive each game we review will be listed in the review.

What games we review:

The games we decide to review here at FrameLag depend on a few different things; the hype surrounding the game, the interest our visitors have in the game, our interest in the game, if we know about the game, and if we have time to review the game. Some months are jam-packed with game releases so it is hard for us to review them all. While we would certainly like to review every game, it would be impossible. Games come out daily, and it’s impossible to know of every game coming out especially when it comes to smaller lesser-known games. Our editors may also from time to time review older games to see just how well they have aged and if they hold up to today’s gaming standards. We will review most games no matter the age of the game, it just has to be on our radar.

If there is a game you would like one of our editors to review that we haven’t gotten around to reviewing no matter how new or old the game is, please contact us at and let us know which game you would like to see us review in the future.

Our latest reviews:

How developers and publishers can have us review their games:

If you are a developer and publisher for a game and would like to have us review your game contact us at We would love to review your game but please know, we will always review games fairly. You can request to have a particular editor of FrameLag review your game, but that does not mean that editor will be guaranteed to be the one that reviews your game, and even if they are, they will review the game fairly and honestly. Our editors all have different interests in games and like particular genres over others but the will always review objectively.

Your game is not guaranteed to get a good score but please note that the way our 10-point review system works. If your game gets a 5 or 6, that doesn’t mean your game was bad, it means was it just okay. If you’re unhappy with the score we have given your game please read our review, as our editors will always do their best to explain why they dislike a certain part of a game and what they think the developer could’ve done to make it better.

We write our reviews so our visitors will know if a certain game is worth their purchase or not, but we also review games in hope that developers and publishers who read our reviews will know what things in their game were great and what things could’ve been improved. So if you would like us to review your game, please contact us at or simply fill out the form below.

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