DualSense Controller for PS5 Revealed

There will not be a DualShock 5 for the PS5, instead, we will be getting a brand new controller called the DualSense. Announced on the official PlayStation Blog, DualSense will bring a brand new level of immersion to players.

Dualsense will feature a two-toned design which goes against the usual PlayStation controller color scheme of being one color. Another change is that there will not be a Share button, instead being replaced by a Create button which will include even more features than the Share button had, although what these feature are have not been revealed yet.

Dualsense will also include a built-in mic so players can now chat without needing a headset. The biggest new features though seem to be the haptic feed back and adaptive triggers, which seem to have inspired the DualSense name. The haptic feedback will give the sense of touch that controllers have never given before. So when you drive a car in a game, the controller will make it feel as if you are driving a car in real life. And with adaptive triggers, when shooting a bow in a game, the controller’s triggers will give a sense of tension that makes it feel as if you’re firing a bow in real life.

DualSense will launch with the PS5 when it is released this holiday season. For more information regarding the PS5 and DualSense check back here on FrameLag.