No E3 Digitial Showcase From Bethesda in June

Bethesda has announced that it will not be hosting a digital showcase in June to show off their upcoming games and releases. Pete Hines, Bethesda Senior Vice President of Global Marketing made this announcement on Twitter.

When E3 was canceled back in March, companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Nintendo all announced that they were going to be looking into doing digital showcases in June similar to the Nintendo Directs that Nintendo does so that they may still show off their upcoming games and announcements.

It was speculated that when E3 was canceled that Bethesda would move to a digital format like Microsoft and Ubisoft are planning on doing since Bethesda has hosted a showcase of their games every year since 2015. That does not seem to be the case though. However, when E3 returns in 2021 it is likely that Bethesda will return with a showcase as well, especially since they are working on the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls VI.