Death Stranding Photo Mode Now Available

Kojima Productions announced that the PC version of Death Stranding would include a photo mode when it is released on June 2 and that they would be looking into a photo mode for the PS4. However just today Kojima Productions announced via Twitter that the photo mode is now available in Death Stranding thanks to the latest update.

Many AAA PS4 games include a photo mode and it was a highly requested mode that many players wanted Kojima Productions to eventually include in Death Stranding. Kojima Productions have listened to the players as Death Stranding now includes a photo mode. Like most photo modes this will let players take screenshots while being able to change angles, colors, frames, character expressions, and more.

If you’ve yet to purchase Death Stranding for the PS4 you can do so over on Amazon or wait for the game’s PC release via the Epic Games Store on June 2.