Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Delayed on PS4 and PC

Resident Evil Resistance which is being included as part of Resident Evil 3 was supposed to be getting an open beta today on the PS4 and PC, however that appears to be no longer the case. Capcom reported today on the official Resident Evil Resistance website that due to some technical issues, there will be a slight delay for the Beta that was supposed to coming to the PS4 and Steam on PC today.

Xbox One was unaffected by the technical issues, so the Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta is currently playable on the Xbox One. There is no word yet on when the technical issues will be resolved, but as it was reported that it will only be a slight delay hopefully the beta will be released for the PS4 and PC within the next day or two as Resident Evil 3 will be released on April 3. The open beta for Resident Evil Resistance will be playable until April 3 at 3 AM (EDT.) If you’ve yet to preorder Resident Evil 3, you can do so over on Amazon. And stay tuned for our review of Resident Evil 3 when it is released.