Trials of Mana Gets Lengthy New Gameplay Trailer

Trials of Mana received a new gameplay trailer today on Youtube showing off all kinds of new gameplay for this upcoming action-RPG remake. The trailer reminds viewers that only three party members out of the six characters will be selectable to play as during an entire playthrough of the game. But depending on the characters chosen the story and events that happen throughout the game will be vastly different.

The trailer also showed a much better look at the combat system and how this 3D remake makes the game combat look more dynamic and action packed, something that was not possible in the original Super Nintendo version of the game. During combat players will be able to customize their characters with over 300 abilities and change their characters classes.

With the updated graphics and gameplay, Trials of Mana is looking like a whole new experience with this remake. This is also the second remake that looks like a whole new experience that Square Enix will be releasing in April with the first being Final Fantasy VII Remake on April 10. Trials of Mana releases on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on October 24 and can be preordered here.