Final Fantasy VII Mercenary Quests, Battle Report, And More Revealed

Final Fantasy VII Remake received a little bit of new info today, thanks to the PlayStation Blog. Firstly, a better look was shown for both Red XIII and Hojo. Red XIII was captured as test subject who is being held in Holjo’s scientific testing facility. While Hojo is Shinra’s Director of their Research and Development Division who has created various weapons for the company.

Tifa also received some screenshots showing more of her in battle. Moves like Whirling Uppercut where Tifa launches an enemy upwards, Omnistrike where she shoulder slams into enemies and Rise and Fall, a move where Tifa launches a series of kicks are all shown.

The highlight though is the new information that was shared. Final Fantasy VII Remake will have what is called Mercenary Quests. These will be similar to side quest and have Cloud going around Midgar helping various people with a variety of tasks like solving a rat problem or finding missing friends.

Another new feature that will be in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is the inclusion of the Battle Report. Battle Report will see you meeting a new character Chadley, who is a research student working under Hojo. He will have you go out and complete various tasks like assessing a certain number of enemy types. When you complete these tasks Chadley will then make new Materia that you can buy.

Lastly summons Cactuar, Carbuncle, and Chocobo Chick got renders that give you a good look at how they look in the game. These three summons are only available if you preorder the game although they are more than likely to go on sale as DLC at some point post-launch.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases for the PS4 on April 10 of this year and can be preordered right now on Amazon.