Dragon Ball FighterZ Getting FighterZ Pass 3

Announced by Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2020 Finals this weekend, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be receiving a third season of game updates and the FighterZ Pass 3. These updates will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Tomoko Hiroki said that for Season 3, they are looking to deliver a fresh experience and are therefore adding new features and changing the user interface. What is more exciting though is the fact that they are adding a “Z Assist Select.” Previously when you would call a character in for an assist, they would always use the same assist, however now with the “Z Assist Select,” players will be able to choose from three assists before the start of the match for each character. This adds a new layer of strategy to the game and gives players the ability to unleash more devastating combos that they would’ve previously been unable to do. This mechanic is similar to other team-based fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Two characters have also been announced as part of the upcoming FigherZ Pass 3. Those characters are Goku [Ultra Instinct] and Kefla. Kefla will actually be available to download on February 26, with Goku [Ultra Instinct] coming at a later date. There will be 5 characters that will be released in the FighterZ Pass 3, and Kefla and Goku [Ultra Instinct] will be the first two.

It was also announced that throughout season 3 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Namco Bandai would be making mid-season changes. This will be the first time Bandai Namco has done mid-season changes for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The first adjustments that will be coming to the game mid-season will focus on the game’s balancing as they hope to prevent one-sided matches by enabling more player comebacks. Kefla will be the first character released as part of FighterZ Pass 3 on February 26 with Season 3 more than likely releasing alongside Kefla.

Dragon Ball FighterZ also just earned first in our recent Top 10 Dragon Ball Video Games and for good reason as the game is constantly improving and getting better. If you’ve yet to purchase Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can do so over on Amazon.