Ubisoft Plans on Releasing Five New AAA Games in 2020-2021

Ubisoft reported in its third-quarter fiscal report that Rainbow Six Siege now has more than 55 million users and had a record-breaking month of active users during the month of December. The company also reported that Uplay and Uplay+ which is Ubisoft’s subscription platform is doing quite well and is continuing to bring in new customers.

Ubisoft also noted in the report that it has begun to shift its focus towards five new AAA games that are scheduled to release during Ubisoft’s 2020-2021 fiscal year which ends at the end of March 2021. Three of these games are Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods and Monsters, and Watch Dogs: Legion. It is unknown what the other two games are but they are most likely not Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2 which is not scheduled to release until 2022 nor Skull and Bones which is scheduled to release in 2021 but not until after the fiscal year ends. For more information about the upcoming games, check back here on FrameLag.