Nvidia’s GeForce Now is Now Live

Nvidia’s streaming service Geforce Now is no longer in beta and now live for everyone. Nvidia’s Geforce Now is a streaming service like Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud or Google’s Stadia that will let you play games on any PC, Mac, or Android device including Nvidia’s Shield. One massive difference though is while Project xCloud relies mostly on Xbox Games and Google’s Stadia requires users to purchase games on Google’s Stadia service, Nvidia’s Geforce Now allows subscribers to play just about any game they already own on PC. This means a subscriber of the service can play games already own on PC services and stores like Steam, UPlay, GOG, Epic Games Store, and more. Of course, the quality of the game depends on the users internet speed and connection as it is a streaming service.

At the moment Geforce Now has two account types, free and Founder’s account. Both accounts stream at a max of 1080 p and 60 fps. The free account will allow users to play games up to an hour per day and does have queue times that’ll require you to be in a queue on busier streaming days. The Founder’s account will be $5 a month and will get you 6 hours of playtime per day, ray tracing, and priority access, which means you’ll be less likely to experience a queue.

Google Stadia was the last game streaming service to come out and while unlike Stadia, Geforce Now does not let players have unlimited playtime every day it has a lot of advantages over Google Stadia such as the fact where if Geforce Now every shuts down, you still have and own all of the games you have purchased over the years, however, Google’s Stadia requires you to purchase the games for their streaming service so if Google Stadia ever shuts down, you’ll lose access to all of your games you have purchased for Google Stadia. Game streaming services are still new and depending on your internet may or may not run flawlessly for you. As time progresses though and more game streaming services come out, the weaker competitors must change for the better or they will eventually die out.

With that said, it seems like Nvidia’s Geforce Now is off to a good start and only time will tell if another competitor such as Microsoft will be able to offer as much at as good of a value as Nvidia has. If you’re interested in signing up for Nvidia Geforce Now and seeing if a game you own is supported, you can do so on its official website.