Earn $2,000,000 in GTA Online by Just Logging On

Announced on Rockstar Games Newswire that beginning today on January 30 and lasting until February 5, players who log in to GTA Online will earn $1,000,000. Players will be able to earn an additional $1,000,000 if they log in again between February 6 and February 13. That’s a pretty easy way to earn some cash in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online is entering its seventh year and not only had a massive update with The Diamond Casino & Resort update this past year but also had a record-breaking number of players playing this past holiday season. GTA Online will surely have as much success in 2020 as it has the past half a decade. If you’ve yet to give Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online a try, you can purchase the game over at Amazon.

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