Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review

Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out on Halloween October 31st, 2019. I had played the first Luigi’s Mansion on GameCube back in the day and I had fond memories of sucking up ghosts in that one. I was expecting this one to be at least as memorable as the first one that came out in 2001 so you can say there was some level of expectation. There also was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, known as Luigi’s Mansion 2 that came out in 2013 however, it was on the 3DS and I did not own one at the time so I never played it. So since the first one, there has been a whole 18 years of technology advancement that could lead to a better experience to gaming altogether. That being said, I do believe Nintendo delivered for Mario’s scaredy cat brother. This Action-Adventure was definitely quite enjoyable although my favorite games tend to be player vs player games. The seamless tutorial, charming boss battles, and unique level design earn a solid 4.72 out of 7!

First Impressions
My first impressions are unedited notes that I write down right after playing the game for the first time. Usually till the end of a notable checkpoint so you can hear my initial thoughts about the game. (Beware, Typo’s are plentiful and incorrect information may be present in this section)

First impressions – Start of game till first boss/entering the portable laboratory.Movement and controls are smooth. Pretty straight forward. The tutorial of how to play the game was interesting.Interactive and short so no long reading sessions when learning the game. Also presented moments where you have to use what you learned to proceed. The Ghost dog guides you along the way to continue to proceed through the game.
(at least till the first boss, wondering if he will continue to assist.)
After entering the portable lab, opening the menus give you the option to receive hints for the Prof. (default is yes)
Motion controls are imbedded in the game, so you must use them. Active only for vertical movements when using your equipment. Control customization is limited to..R-stick aim, Movement while Poltergusting, and Gyro Sensitivity. I personally would like to have motion controls for omnidirection.

Story – The opening scence was nice and lively but limited interaction with the world prior to receiving your equipment. The plot was set up in a very typical way.. nothing i was surprised with nor dissapointed with. Throwback memories when seeing the prof. I personally only played the first luigi’s mansion but it feels someone nostalgic when sucking up ghosts countering their movement direction. A feeling somewhat unique to Luigi’s mansion since your weapon is a vacuum. Smashing them back and forth to do damage is a nice addition. Excited to see how it will carry on throughout the game. Dark-light also introduced. Interesting concept as well, will have to see how it carries on through the game. Initially only one button for an action is taught throught the tutorial but there are multiple inputs for a certain action which is a very good thing due to being able to aim while charging your strobulb. So far a pretty good intro to the game. Also enjoying the creativity with how to proceed through “levels” since the floors are both types of “levels”. (collecting elevator buttons)

RATING CRITERIA (1-7) – Some Categories may influence others
Delivery/Story – This category is mainly for story, however I do understand that some games do not really have a story since that is not the focus of the game or the story cannot really have too much development due to the nature of the story. For these types of games, I rate it depending on the delivery of what i believe the aim of the game was to be.
Controls/Game play – This category is pretty self-explanatory however I do include the overall interaction with the game as well, i.e., visuals, menus, music, ect..
Depth/Progression – This category is for the complexity of the game mechanics AKA depth, and of course some games take time for the mechanics to develop, hence, progression. How complex the game can be, or how well it progresses as you proceed through it.
Enjoy-ability – Was it even fun? I’m gonna assume we all play games because they are fun?
Replay-ability – Post-game content, extra stuff to do outside of the main game, or literally just restarting the game over again.

Final Conclusion
Delivery – 6.0 Excellent!
I have to say this was the strong point of the game. Yes the story is typical and restricted, i.e., Friends get captured and need to save them, guess i have to muster up the courage and beat bosses on each floor till i find my friends. This is why I chose to rate it on its delivery, which was how the game operated as a whole. I Had mentioned that I thought the level design was creative since you had to collect elevator buttons as you progressed. That’s kinda cool right?! But the strong point of the game was the unique boss fights and level design that pretty much made the game. So your equipment/weapon is a vacuum… which can.. suck things up. That’s it?! How can that turn in to a full blown action-adventure? Well, with professor E. Gadd being the designer you can also push air out and flash ghosts with your strobulb. You can even have a your buddy gooigi do all the fighting for you since you know.. his life is disposable. And he can fit in your vacuum and pretty much do anything you can do with other gooigi specific abilities. Plus giving the option of multiplayer is always appreciated and should never be overlooked! Anyways the reason the delivery is its strong point is because the level’s were all unique as they had a different theme for each floor. And i gotta say the theme matched great with the boss fights and even some of the puzzles for that floor. I was actually quite excited to see what the next floor would bring to the table. How would it utilize Luigi’s capabilities in a different way? How much more can this vacuum surprise me with simply sucking things up. I actually started to appreciate what a vacuum could potentially do. The boss fights were surprising innovative even though it was using the same functions throughout the game. I have to say the delivery was excellent.

Game Play – 4.8 Good
Everything was smooth when it came to most of the controls. Menu’s were nice and easy to read/spot. The tutorial was seamless, great integration with the setting of the story. Some of the controls I wanted to seek out alternate buttons for, and they were available. More minor tweaks i wanted to make with the settings which was provided. Music was nothing special, but i did find myself whistling the theme song. Sound effects were good nothing to complain about or get overly critical about. I mean, overall just solid game play experience.

Progression – 3.0 Decent
Some can argue, the purpose was to see how far we can push the capabilities of this Poltergust G-00 and/or how creative they got utilizing the same functions. That is all good so that played its role in the delivery section. But for me I like to see that i’m progressing. Especially if its an adventure game, i gotta see improvement in the enemies and perhaps even in my character. We do unlock gooigi but that is really just a requirement for the game. Maybe the Super suction but.. that’s like one time use that i wouldn’t even consider an upgrade. I didn’t feel the ghosts got any stronger. Maybe a bit but it was negligible. All I can say is the creativity of the boss fights allows this category to stay decent.

Enjoy-ability – 4.8 Good
A couple puzzles were fun and battling ghosts was also fun. It didn’t really get my blood going or anything like that though. Honestly I really would just say the boss fights were the highlight. The boss fights got me engaged so it really makes up for it. I’m not too big of a fan when the cash starts flying everywhere and i gotta chase it around. Then again, i suppose that would be fun for some people so i wouldn’t say it plays against the score. It just feel its good, really good!.. but not quite great.

Replay-ability – 5.0 Great
There are gems you can collect on every floor. There are boo’s you can search for and even challenges to collect all the money, coins, and pearls. There are multi-player options available as well. It really has a lot going for it. I mean you could definitely spend some time completing it all and you do get some special cosmetic equipment as well. I mean you better get something right?! The reason it got pushed up to a 5 though is the online play. Its not the greatest online multi-play but if you really like hunting ghosts, at least you can! As much as you like too!

Overall – 4.72