New Pokemon Overview Trailer!

Pokemon Sword and Shield are a little over a week from release on the Nintendo Switch, and so much of the information has been released or exclusively leaked already. However, less than a week after the Japanese trailer, we now have an official overview trailer that highlights the major mechanisms for the newcomers to the Pokemon franchise as well as highlighting new and old pokemon appearing in the upcoming games.

The trailer will also showcase part of the soundtrack featured in the new games, and I have to say I like what I hear so far. Toby Fox from Undertale fame also composed a track for the upcoming games.

There was another trailer released detailing new mechanisms and items for training pokemon, hopefully alleviating the heavy grinding needed for raising pokemon with perfect IVs and EVs.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. There are multiple ways you can preorder the games as well, with various pre-order bonuses.

  • You can preorder and preload directly in the Nintendo Eshop. The game voucher deal doesn’t apply to the Pokemon Double Pack, but if you do order digitally, you’ll receive a code for 12 quick balls in-game.
  • Game Stop is including a free double-sided poster with a pre-order of the double pack.
  • Best Buy is including a free collectible coin with a pre-order of the double pack.
  • Target is including a steel book with a pre-order of the double pack.
  • Walmart is including a charm key chain with a pre-order of the double pack.