Google Play Pass Review

In an era where gaming subscription services are becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before Google had one of their own. Google’s taking the form of the Google Play Pass. This gives Google Play Pass Subscribers access to a number of select premium games and apps for free and without ads. So what games and apps are included? And is the subscription service itself worth it? Let’s take a look.

The Service Itself

The first noteworthy thing about the Google Play Pass is while it is a subscription service, it is not a streaming service meaning that you won’t be needing a constant data connection as you’ll be downloading each game you’d like to play individually. At this time this service is also only for devices that run the Android OS as it does require access to the Google Play Store and at this time is also not tied to Google’s upcoming Google Stadia.

A Variety of Games and Apps

The selection of games and apps that are on Google Play Pass right now total 350, however more games and apps will be added over time. The games range from the lesser-known like Cameleon Run and What, The Fox? to more well-known games like Stardew Valley and Marvel Pinball. If you’re someone who is only into a certain genre of games, you don’t have to worry because Google Play Pass actually has a wide variety of genres that are popular on mobile platforms such as action, adventure, arcade, casual, puzzle, racing, roleplaying, simulation, strategy, educational, and more. Google Play Pass really has a selection of games for everyone. With that said certain genres certainly have a bigger selection of games to choose from than other genres.

While games do seem to be the main focus of Google Play Pass, it’s not the only focus as Google Play Pass does give its subscribers access to a large number of premium apps as well. These include education apps, health and fitness apps, lifestyle apps, audio apps, photography apps, productivity apps, and more. No matter what type of app you may need and for what reason, Google Play Pass will more than likely have a premium one for you that will meet your needs.

The Play Pass Potential

Google Play Pass is off to a small but good start and it certainly has potential especially if Google is able to get more high profile and well-known games as part of its subscription service. Only time will tell if the service’s potential is fully met but right now Google Play Pass is off to a good start.

The Cost of Playing With Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass costs $4.99 a month and lets up to 6 family members share the same Play Pass account. Now when Google Play Pass was first introduced there was a limited time offer that allowed subscribers to subscribe for $1.99 a month for the first year. With the cost of $1.99 a month and access to games like Stardew Valley, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Terraria, Reigns, and This is the Police among other games and the many apps that the pass gives subscribers access to, Google Play Pass is hard not to recommend. However, that is at the trial price.

For the normal price of $4.99 a month, it is a little harder to recommend as at that monthly price it does compete with other gaming subscription services such as Xbox Games Pass for PC and Apple Arcade. Google Play Pass does give access to premium apps in addition to the games which does make it stand out. It’s also worth noting that if you’re a Google Play Pass subscriber, any game on the Google Play Pass that has DLC or in-app purchases, you’ll get access to that game’s DLC at no extra charge. That alone can make it worth the $4.99 a month especially if you’re a fan of games with in-app purchases like Risk and Marvel Pinball.

Is Google Play Pass Worth It?

So is Google Play Pass worth it and right for you? It really depends. If you could care less about gaming on your phone or device running an Android OS, it’s probably not for you. If you’d like to play games on your device running an Android OS and maybe you don’t because you don’t want to purchase any games or you don’t like ads then Google Play Pass is perfect for you. And with the varied selection of both games and apps, you’ll surely find something on the Google Play Pass that will keep you busy and drain your free time.

Google Play Pass Review
Google Play Pass is a new subscription service that has a decent selection of both games and apps.
The inclusion of both games and apps on the service
Access to games such as Stardew Valley, Terraria, and Star Wars: KOTOR
$4.99 a month may be a little high for the selection of games on the service right now.