Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 is upon us

The blackhole has closed and Fortnite chapter 2 has officially begun, which introduces a brand-new location to explore. The new map largely resembles the early days of Fortnite, with large areas of forests, lakes, and mountains, with a lot less urban locations this most. This of course could and probably will change as they add new components throughout the seasons. However, in the meantime, lets enjoy the beautiful serenity that is Fortnite. 

Some new components to the game is the ability to engage in new activities unique to this iteration, such as fishing, swimming, and various new features and of course, new weapons. Also, they have new vehicles, such as boats and pogo sticks. 

The subscription battle pass is back as always, in which players can pay additional money for extra skins for their characters. A important point to note is that the progression system has changed significantly, allowing you to earn points by doing even more things, such as opening chests and getting kills and assists. 

Fortnite chapter 2 looks the evolution of the game that many have been waiting for. After many iterations of the game, with its rises and falls, it should be something great for the popular franchise that has seen its user base dwindling for the past few seasons.