Fortnite’s season 10 ended with a black hole taking out the map!

One of the hottest games in most recent history ends its most recent season with a bang! From roaming mechs that wielded such destructive power to the dark knight making an appearance, we can definitely say season 10 will be a season to remember. With good reason too because now the entire world of Fortnite has been sucked into a black hole with servers being shut off for hours. Catch the action here!

DrLupo streaming on Twitch

This event has been teased for several weeks now as players saw the Visitor’s rocket being slowly constructed at the recently restored Dusty Depot. The Visitor was a mysterious character who we last saw back in season 3. Thanks to the overtime challenges that had players finding the Visitor’s voice recordings, it is widely believed that the Visitor is widely responsible for the map altering changes that Fortnite players encountered during their time in season 10. There has also been leaks highly suggesting that next season will be Fortnite’s “chapter 2”.

Fortnite’s main website is also down, replaced by the black hole that seems to have taken everything down with it! Guess players will just have to wait to see what is in store for them in the coming hours.