Basara Coming to Samurai Shodown on October 15

Samurai Shodown’s next DLC character Basara is coming to the game next week on October 15. Known as “Basara the Executioner,” Basara first appeared in Samurai Shodown III. He will be the third DLC character that will have released for Samurai Shodown with Rimuru and Shizumaru Hisame having been the first characters added as DLC.

A trailer was shown for Basara and his unique three-sided shuriken, giving a different fighting style than any of the other characters currently in Samurai Shodown. Basara will be available to all owners of the Samurai Shodown season 1 pass on October 15 or can be purchased by himself for $5.99. If you’ve yet to check out Samurai Shodown, you can purchase the game over at Amazon. Kazuki Kazama will be the next character coming as DLC for the game and will release sometime during September.