Playstation 5 Officially Announced & Next Controller Revealed

Since its astounding tech-demo shown in May, the next generation Playstation console was certainly going to be coming around the corner. But we had not heard much about it as Playstation did not have a conference at E3 2019, and groundbreaking information was non-existent at the Tokyo Game ShowGamescom, and even their September 24th State of Play Conference. However, the floodgates have been open as of October 8th, 2019.

In an exclusive report by Peter Rubin of WiredSony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced that the next generation console will be simply called, Playstation 5.

And it will be launching Holiday 2020.

Ryan said this moment took, “…a giant burden off his shoulders.”, and is excited for what’s to come for the console.

Mark Cerny.jpeg

Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect, went more into the specifics of the console which will be sporting a solid-state drive (SSD), doing away the spinning hard-disk drive (HDD). The PS5‘s SSD will essentially turn reduce loading times to a blink of an eye which boasts processing speeds. On the efficiency end of the SSD, doesn’t duplicate data unlike HDDs, thus conserving more space for games and files. With the SSD, game installation is much different from the PS4 as it has capabilities to determine what portions specifically of the game you want downloaded and installed first. He also noted that physical copies of games will be utilizing 100-GB optical disks that goes into an optical drive that’s also a blu-ray player.

Cerny also commented that the Playstation 5’s revamped user interface which will help provide seamless functionality for the players and will provide more information games, and Playstation Network features.


Rubin then got to experience the prototype controller for the Playstation 5 on a Gran Turismo Sport build for the next-gen console. Though it seemed similar to the Dualshock 4, the controller utilizes “Haptic Feedback” and “Adaptive Triggers” to help immerse players more into the game. This meant that Sony replaced the rumble functionality that’s been present since the 5th Console Generation. The controller also utilizes USB-C connectivity as a charger, and can be used for games whilst connected.

Product Manaager, Toshi Aoki, stated that the haptic feedback had been in development since the launch of the PS4 and was considered to be implemented with the release of the PS4 Pro.


In a Playstation Blog post, Jim Ryan delved more in-depth about the two new features of the controller.

Haptic Feedback enables players to experience a broader range of controller feedback, meaning that you’ll differences from either crashing into a wall or getting hit by punches in the game. Even being able to feel differences in going through a game’s environment will be possible.

Adaptive Triggers would allow developers to program the L2 and R2 buttons have different resistances. This in turn means that the triggers can mirror the sensation of actions, such as drawing a bow or driving over rocky terrain.

With the Playstation 5 officially announced and releasing in the same timeframe as the Xbox Scarlett, the next chapter in the console wars has officially begun.