UPDATED: Brief Highlights of Pokemon SWSH 24-Hour Live Stream Today!

UPDATED 10.08.19: After the entire live stream, it looks like Pokemon fans didn’t have enough to get excited about for this 24-hour live stream. Most of the post on the official twitter was about the National Dex decision. However, there was at least something new we learned about the latest pokemon games. After sightings of familiar pokemon, a bunch of pokemon cries, and a lot of rustling foliage, there appeared a new pokemon that seemed to be the Galarian version of Ponyta! One of the Ponyta appeared to not have a tail. And what type could the new pokemon be? Potentially ghost-type due to the feel of Glimwood Tangle?

The Live stream of the Galar Region’s Glimwood Tangle is up on Twitch!

Stay tuned for highlights of the 24-hour stream!