Mario Kart Tour ‘s Gold pass subscription

Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s Mobile game launched yesterday September 25th 2019 has a gold pass subscription option costing $4.99 USD per month. This gold pass unlocks:

  1. Gold gifts which you can get get by racing in tours.
  2. Special in-game badges from gold challenges.
  3. Unlocks 200cc.

There seems to dissatisfaction with the price and benefits with this subscription option. Here are a couple subscriptions and their benefits to compare.

  1. Nintendo Online – $3.99 per month
    -Online gameplay
    -NES – Nintendo Switch Online
    -Super NES – Nintendo Switch Online
    -Nintendo Switch Online app
    -Save Data Cloud
    -Special Offers
  2. Apple Arcade – $4.99 per month
    -Unlimited access to 100+ games
    -Access for up to six family members
    -Ad-free; no additional purchases necessary
    -Start playing on one device, pick up on another
    -Download to play, online or off
    -You decide whether to share your personal data
    -Works with Screen Time and parental controls