Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Hits Those Nostalgic Feels

Square Enix has revealed the official box art for Final Fantasy VII Remake today and if you’ve played the original Final Fantasy VII it is sure to make you feel very nostalgic as it has the same box art as the original game just remade.

The box art comes after all the news about the game that was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 like the fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a classic mode that will make the battles play similar to how they played in the original and how the minigames from the original game will be making their return in Final Fantasy VII Remake. With the combination of all these factors, any person who has played the original Final Fantasy VII and will be playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake is sure to have nostalgia overload. And if you like feeling nostalgic, that’s not a bad thing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release exclusively for the PS4 on March 3, 2020, and can be preordered now over at Amazon.