Evolution Championship Series Releases Official Ruleset for Game Controllers

Per a tweet on EVO’s official twitter, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament announced an Official Ruleset for game controllers that are allowed for use at EVO events. For years, there were ‘general guidelines’ in regards to which kind of custom controllers were allowed for use in tournament play but to help resolve ambiguity between what is officially allowed for tournament use, EVO has set new rules in stone.

Some highlights from the new ruleset is that the new HitBox CrossUp and SmashBox are still allowed and are tournament legal. As there has been ever growing popularity of the HitBox in tournament play, it is important to acknowledge their legality. Custom, homemade HitBoxes are seen from time to time but EVO has deemed them legal as well, so long as single buttons are NOT mapped to input multiple punches or kicks simultaneously or input simultaneously opposite cardinal directions.

Another thing to note is that the Simultaneously Opposite Cardinal Direction (SOCD) rule is to be removed come EVO 2021.

You can view the full ruleset here.

EVO has also asked for feedback from the community which you can do by replying to their Official Twitter.