The Caped Crusader arrives in ‘Fortnite’ to celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary!

All season long Rift Zones have been altering the Island’s landscape and now one of those Rifts have brought Gotham City and the famed Caped Crusader to Fortnite. This crossover event between DC Comics and Epic Games continues until October 6!

Now you can grab that epic victory royale in style with the Batman Caped Crusader pack! This in-game bundle includes the Batman Comic Outfit and as well as an alternative Dark Knight Movie Outfit. In addition, it includes several Batman-themed cosmetic items with one of them transforming your glider into the Batwing! This bundle will be available in the Store until October 6.

Image from Epic Games

In order to save Gotham City, you’ll need more than cosmetics! When you jump in game, you have a chance of finding the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang!

For the full details of these items jump over to Epic Games’ website for the patch notes!

Image from Epic Games

Batman didn’t come to Fortnite alone! Jump into the fray as his feline femme fatale – Catwoman. You can grab this awesome Outfit in the Shop as well as other Batman-themed items.

Image from Epic Games

The crossover event also introduces its own challenges called Welcome to Gotham City. Completing these challenges grants you rewards such as the Bat Logo Banner, the Catwing Glider, a Batarang Spray and as well as a concept art loading screen! Don’t wait too long as these challenges are only available until October 1st!

Join in on the fun today and take up the mantle of the Bat!