Dragon Quest I, II, and III Releasing for Nintendo Switch Later This Month

Announced on Dragon Quest’s official Twitter, Dragon Quest I, II, and III will be releasing for Nintendo Switch later this month on September 27. This date is also the same date that Dragon Quest XI S will be released for the Nintendo Switch. So Nintendo Switch owners who are fans of the Dragon Quest series will have plenty of Dragon Quest coming their way later this month.

Dragon Quest is what many consider to be the start of the JRPG genre having first released in Japan during 1986. One whole year before Final Fantasy first released. Dragon Quest I, II, and III will all be available to purchase individually on the Switch. With Dragon Quest I costing $5.99, Dragon Quest II costing $6.49, and Dragon Quest III costing $12.49. And of course, if those games are a little too old for your liking you can always pre-order Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age -Definitive Edition on Amazon. All of these games will be released for Nintendo Switch on September 27 and for more information about Dragon Quest XI S you can visit Nintendo’s official website here.