Nintendo Announces Ring Fit Adventure!

A few days ago, Nintendo teased a new experience on the Nintendo Switch when they released a trailer of players using a new set of peripherals that the joy-con attached to. They seemed to be doing exercises so rumors about the next WiiFit filled the comment sections.

Today, they released a follow-up video where they detailed what exactly was being played and announced Ring Fit Adventure. Along with the title, they also revealed the new peripherals dubbed “ring-con” and “leg strap.” Ring Fit Adventure is an adventure game where you control your character with real-life movement detected by the joy-con.

Ring Fit Adventure

The main adventure mode has you perform physical actions to move around the world and during combat with encountered enemies. Different poses or styles of workouts will be more effective against the right enemies. Along with the adventure mode, there will be a quick play option which will include different modes. The ones noted in the video are simple, minigames, and sets. With the various modes you’ll be competing for high scores against other players locally or have more traditional workouts.

Ring Fit Adventure will be available on October 18, 2019, with the ability to pre-order coming soon.