Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Gets Official Character Art by Various Square Enix Artists

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the Final Fantasy VIII characters would look like if they were illustrated by some of Square Enix’s other artist then you don’t have to look any farther than Final Fantasy’s official Twitter account. As the last few days, the twitter page has been showing official Final Fantasy VIII character art but illustrated by other Square Enix Artists. The first character shown off is Laguna Loire who is illustrated by Toshiyuki Itahana who designed the Chocobo and the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.

The next characters that had their art style redone are actually the entire main Final Fantasy VIII cast. Yasuhisa Izumisawa who was the art director for The World of Final Fantasy gives the Final Fantasy VIII cast a chibi look that is reminiscent to the character designs of the game he was the art director for, The World of Final Fantasy.

Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin received a The World Ends With You makeover thanks to the game’s artist, Gen Kobayashi. If you don’t know what The World Ends With You is, it is an action-RPG that takes place in Shibuya, Japan and has an art style that is actually inspired by Shibuya and it’s youth there. The game was originally released back for the DS in 2007 but a remixed version was just recently released for the Nintendo Switch last year.

The last piece of character artwork to come out is that of Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie, Zell, and Irvine who were illustrated by Star Ocean Anamnesis illustrator, Yukihiro Kajimoto. Star Ocean like Final Fantasy is another long-running RPG series by Square Enix.

It’s always neat to see artists give their take on well-known characters from a video game series, especially in official illustrations. If you’ve yet to play Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. We’ll have our review up for the game within the next couple of days so stay tuned for that.