Days Gone Receiving New Game Plus, New Trophies, and New Difficulty Modes

PS4 exclusive Days Gone will be receiving a New Game Plus Mode, in addition to two new difficulties and new trophies. Announced via the official PlayStation Blog, these new features will be arriving for Days Gone on September 13.

New Game Plus will be available to any player who has completed the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline. Players who have completed the storyline will be able to carry over all perks earned from patches and challenges earned during the playthrough into the New Game Plus. There will also be two new difficulties that will be available to all players. These new difficulties are Hard II and Survival II, and they will be bringing new trophies that will be earnable in these new difficulties as well.

Days Gone is available now for the PS4 on Amazon, and these new features will be available to all owners of the game beginning September 13.