Hideo Kojima Explains why Death Stranding is Open World

Death Stranding is shaping up to be one of the most interesting looking games that will be released during 2019 and more details are starting to slowly pour in about it. While the game did receive a few new trailers at Gamescom 2019, in an interview with 4players.de Hideo Kojima explained why he decided to make Death Stranding open world.

Well, after experiencing an action game in an open world, you can not just go back to other things.

Hideo Kojima was referencing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which is an open-world action game and the last game Kojima made. Kojima went on to talk about the difference between making a linear game and making an open-world game.

 Of course, there are other ways to make a game. A linear game for example. A linear game for example. However, I can not go back after having had the experience of having a large-scale world in a game. The problem, however, is the technology. Of course it is technically difficult to create an open world. The player has the greatest possible freedom in an open world. Therefore, you are never really sure what the player will do. In this context, storytelling in an open-world game is the biggest challenge. As there is more and more freedom, it means that the story sometimes gets in the way of a distraction.

Kojima then went on to talk about the story in open-world games and how it fades as the open-world begins but he doesn’t want the story’s importance to ever fade. More details were revealed about Death Stranding and the process of developing Death Stranding in the interview such as why he doesn’t let fans in during the development process. You can read the whole interview translated on Resetera, and if you want to preorder Death Stranding you can do so over on Amazon. Death Stranding will release exclusively for PS4 on November 8.