Two Point Hospital Getting Alien Themed Expansion With Close Encounters DLC

Aliens are coming to Two Point Hospital with the just-announced Close Encounters DLC. The Close Encounters DLC will be available on August 29 and will see players storming Chasm 24, and helping the patients of three new unusual hospitals. There will be 34 new otherworldly illnesses included in this expansion and three new cure rooms that will help you cure those illnesses. There will also be new challenges and features included in this expansion.

It is unknown if this will be included with Two Points Hospitals when it comes to consoles later this year. As the announcement did say all previously released DLC would be included for free but at the time of the console announcement, Close Encounters wasn’t even announced yet, so it’s inclusion is up in the air. For more information about Two Point Hospital, you can visit its official website and be sure to check out Close Encounters when it comes to Two Point Hospital on August 29.