Stranger Things DLC is Coming to Dead by Daylight Next Month

Dead by Daylight will be getting a new DLC chapter sometime during September which will be a Stranger Things chapter. The Stranger Things chapter will be coming with The Demogorgon who will be the new killer included in the chapter. The chapter will also include a new map which takes place in the Hawkins National Laboratory. The most noteworthy addition though in this chapter is the fact that not one but two survivors will be included in the DLC. This marks a first that more than one survivor is included in a chapter. The two survivors included are two fan favorites from Stranger Things, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

If you do not know what Dead by Daylight is, it is a game that has four players controlling survivors and one player controlling the killer. The survivors must work together to escape the killer who has powerful abilities and cannot be killed. The Stranger Things Chapter will release for Dead by Daylight on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime during September.

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