Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games From Indie World 2019

The Indie World Showcase 2019 for the Nintendo Switch shows us a selection of indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. There was a plethora of games that will keep a lot of Nintendo Switch owners busy, or paralyzed because they may not know where to begin with the wide selection of games. Here is a list of the games coming out by the season starting with ones available today.

Available Today
● Hotline Miami Collection
Sometime In 2019
● Earthnight
● Close to the sun
● Kine
Summer 2019
● Risk of Rain 2
● Torchlight 2
(September 3rd)
● Creature in the well
(September 6th)
Fall 2019
● Blasphemous
(September 26th)
● Northgard
(September 26th)
● Ori and the Blind Forest Defenitive Edition
(September 27th)
● Freedom Finger
● Cat Quest ll
● Sparklite
● Munchkin: Quacked Quest
● The Touryst
● Skellboy
(December 3rd)
● Trine4: The Nightmare Prince
(October 8th)
● One finger Death Punch 2
(December 2nd)
Winter 2019
● Röki
● Youropa
● What the Golf?
● HyperCharge: Unboxed
Early 2020
● Dungeon Defenders Awakened
● Best Friend Forever
(February 14th)
● Phogos
Spring 2020
● Spiritfarer
Sometime In 2020
● Eastward
● Skater XL

With the wide variety of new indie games coming soon, the Nintendo Switch library continues to grow. We have to thank all the developers and producers for bringing all these games to our beloved system that lets us play anytime and anywhere. Take a look at the Indie World Showcase right below to get a glimpse of the games announced, perhaps it can lead one to find the game(s) that will keep them busy!