Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Releasing September 3

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was announced just a couple months ago at E3 and while no release date was given during that time, Square Enix released a new trailer on YouTube today that revealed the game will be released on September 3 for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $19.99.

Final Fantasy VIII follows the story of Squall and a group of other students from Balamb Garden who team up with Rinoa and a group of resistance fighters to defeat a powerful sorceress who is seeking world domination. The Remastered version will also include enhanced visuals and other new features. Some of the new features include the option to turn off random battles, boost the game speed, and be assisted in battle. Stay tuned as we are sure to have a review when Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is released next month.