Death Stranding Receives a Trio of New Trailers at Gamescom 2019

Death Stranding revealed not one, not two but three new trailers at Gamescom 2019. All three trailers are character spotlight trailers so there could in fact be more on the way while Gamescom is going on. The first trailer revealed puts Deadman into the spotlight. The trailer is a cutscene from the game that has Deadman (portrayed by Guillermo del Toro) talk to sam about the Bridge Baby and how the Baby helps Sam sense BTs.

The second trailer focuses on Mama, (portrayed by Margaret Qualley) her baby is revealed to have been born on the “other side,” rather than in the world of the living. She is unable to leave her location as it is where her baby exists on the other side.

The third and final trailer shows a little bit of gameplay. It begins with Sam waking up and having to go pee. Yes, it looks like peeing will be a gameplay mechanic in Death Stranding as Sam will occasionally have to empty his bladder. After Sam goes to his destination where he makes a delivery at a delivery terminal, as he is a delivery man who must connect fractured cities and people. After making the delivery players fall down a cliff and cause the Bridge Baby to start crying. Players must then use the DualShock 4’s motion controls to rock the baby and calm it down. If players move the controller too quickly though the baby will become more upset. While not a lot of Death Stranding gameplay has been shown, what has been shown looks very reminiscent to the gameplay of Metal Gear Solid V.

While Death Stranding is having a steady amount of information now rolling out, it is still one of the most mysterious games yet to be released, and its release date is only a few months away. Death Stranding releases for the PS4 on November 8 and can be preordered here.