SNES-Style Controller Possibly Heading To The Switch.

As the title suggests, has anyone fantasized about getting a SNES-Style controller for the Nintendo Switch?! A post on Resetera showed a FCC filing with a picture that appears to be the back of a SNES-style controller. I wouldn’t be surprised if a controller like this did come out seeing as a lot of the more retro-style games have been quite popular on the Nintendo Switch. It would add the experience when playing these types of games. All this being speculation, it would be kinda cool to see an SNES-style controller however as of now, I don’t see the real need for another type of controller since I personally enjoy the free stretching positions I can extend to while still playing with the Joy-Cons. There is the Joy-Con drift challenge that many people have faced, possibly steering them away from the Joy-Cons though.