Humble Bundle Keyless Integration Comes to Epic Game Store

Epic Games Store just received its latest update bringing with it not only visual changes to the store but also Humble Bundle Keyless Integration. The visual changes made to the Epic Games Store make it easier for users to see more comprehensive information about games including release date information for upcoming games. Game pages are also more visual now with more images and videos on them.

The Humble Bundle Keyless Integration allows users to integrate their Humble Bundle account into their Epic Games account by linking the two together. Once the accounts are linked any games purchased from the Humble Store will automatically be added to the linked Epic Games Store library without needing a redemption key. This makes it quicker and more convenient when it comes to purchasing a game on the Humble Store that you want to add to your Epic Games library.

Also included in this update is the addition of more games now having cloud save support such as Alan Wake, Darksiders III, Hyperlight Drifter, Overcooked, World War Z, and more. Epic Games has also promised that they are working closely with developers to ensure even more games will have cloud save support in the future and at launch. With how quickly the Epic Games Store puts out updates and the quality of the updates can make you wonder just where the store will be in a year’s time from now.