Four New DualShock 4 Controllers Are Coming Later This Fall

Announced via the official PlayStation Blog, Sony will be releasing four new DualShock 4 controller colors this fall. These will include the Electric Purple DualShock 4, which will be purple and have buttons with white PlayStation shapes. The Red Camouflage DualShock 4, which will have a red and black camouflage pattern. The Titanium Blue DualShock 4, which will be a metallic blue color. And the Rose Gold DualShock 4 which will be a gold metallic color with a rose hue to it.

The newly revealed DualShock 4 controllers will all retail for the standard $64.99. In addition, the Rose Gold DualShock 4 is also getting a companion in the form of the newly announced Rose Gold Headset which will also be releasing in the fall for $99.99. With the large variety of DualShock 4 colors, Sony has released over the years, this batch of colors coming later this year I believe to be the most impressive looking Sony has released in some time, especially the Titanium Blue DualShock 4.