Popular Youtube Music Rippers Are Getting Copyright Strikes From Nintendo

Nintendo is now issuing copyright strikes to popular Youtube music ripping channels who are ripping and uploading Nintendo tracks. While uploading video game soundtracks to the internet have always been illegal, many video game publishers who own the rights to those soundtracks don’t take action. This is no longer the case with Nintendo as it has now issued hundreds of copyright strikes just in the past day or so. One popular YouTube channel, GilvaSunner who has almost 350,000 subscribers had tweeted the following on Twitter;

According to various YouTube channels and their fans who were affected by these copyright strikes, the strikes were first only for tracks from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and then quickly spread to soundtracks from various other Nintendo games. GilvaSunner went on to say that the claims are coming from Nintendo’s Japan Headquarters and they are manually going through playlists and issuing the strikes.

With Nintendo removing soundtracks of their video games that were illegally uploaded to YouTube, hopefully, this means that they are planning on having a way for their many classic soundtracks to be streamed and listened to legally, such as putting them on a streaming service such as Spotify. Companies such as Namco, Capcom, and Square Enix have all already put many of their games soundtracks on Spotify. We’ll just have to wait and see if Nintendo follows suit.