Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Makes Squall the Best Looking Guy Here

Square Enix took to Twitter today to make sure not only to let everybody know that Squall is actually now the best looking guy in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered but to also let everybody know in that same post just how much cleaner the character models look in the upcoming Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. What once started as a scene in Final Fantasy VIII has somewhat become more of a meme in recent years. The scene is the one that saw Riona approach Squall at a party and say to him “You’re the best looking guy here.” Back on the PlayStation in the original Final Fantasy VIII though, he was actually nothing more than a pixelated mess.

So when Square Enix posted on Twitter today, that scene from the upcoming remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII showing just how much cleaner the character models now look, they not only made a playful jab at themselves, and the fact that Squall is now “the best looking guy here,” they also showed just how much work is going into this remastered version. The tweet can be viewed below;

While it does look like from both the tweet and the trailer that was previously released for the game, that only the character models and not the backgrounds themselves are updated, fans of the series should still be excited for the game as it is the only PS1 game in the series that is not available currently on modern gaming platforms. That, however, will change when Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is released for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.