Capcom is Recruiting Players to Demo a new Resident Evil Game

It appears that Capcom has begun sending out emails to members of their Resident Evil Ambassador program. According to Biohaze, members of the Ambassador Program will have two opportunities to demo the new Resident Evil game. One opportunity will be on September 20 or 21 in Los Angeles and the next opportunity will be on September 23 or 24 in New York. So if you are a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program this should be something you look into, especially if you want to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Resident Evil, whatever that may be.

There have been some rumors going around that suggest the next Resident Evil is the Resident Evil 3 remake, while others say that the next game will in fact be Resident Evil 8. Whatever Resident Evil game Capcom is releasing next, the one players will be able to demo at the end of September will surely be one of the same. The only requirements that are required for players to partake in this demo are for players to be registered in the Resident Evil Ambassador Program and players to have previously played a Resident Evil game. We’ll have more details about this event as it nears September 20.