Nintendo Joy Con “Drift” Problem And Solution

It appears many fellow switch users have and are still affected by a drifting malfunction in the Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers that has been going on since possibly the launch of the system. Apparently after a couple months of usage(perhaps even the moment you open them), the Joy Cons would suffer from a controller defect making the controller think that the analog is receiving inputs causing a “drifting” type command input. Many people have been having this problem as it turned into a pretty big lawsuit. The awesome thing is, although some of us may not be happy with how this turned out; especially since it has been going on for a long time now and some individuals may have spend a considerable amount of money trying to get a pair of Joy Cons that would perform as it should, Nintendo has sent out an email saying that they would fix the Joy Cons for free! Without requiring so much effort as to provide proof of purchase and what-not. All we need to do is contact Nintendo support here and explain the challenges we’re having with our Joy Cons and get that situation sorted out! Good luck to my fellow Nintendo Switch players as I believe many of us may know what this is “drifting” phenomenon is, including me!