NHL 20 Open Beta Now Live

EA has released a brief trailer announcing the launch of NHL 20’s Open Beta and some of the new features that will be playable in it.

And no, there’s no GM Connected or anything Be A Pro related announced.

From July 26 to July 31st, you’ll have access to some of the new features that this year’s CHEL is highlighting.

The World of CHEL

A brand new game mode is being added onto Ones and Threes which is called Eliminator.

This Battle-Royale and King-of-the-Hill styled game mode pits 81 Players against each other and see which individual or squad, winds up on top.


It also features almost 2000+ different unlockables and clothing that will make your player unique in The World of Chel.

You’ll also be able to play Ones offline with a couple of friends on the couch, just make sure they bring their controllers.

P.K. Subban, Paul Bissonette, and Auston Matthews giving it a go on Ones.

Hockey Ultimate Team

This year, HUT is promoting its new Squad Battles feature as it allows you to take on the best teams in the world and even take on teams that were formed by NHL Players and Celebrities.



Gameplay Presentation

This year’s NHL will be separating itself from the NBC Broadcast that was carried by the commentary of Doc Emerick and Eddie Olcyzk. It will be returning back to its in-house presentation which boasts a new: overlay, commentary, and highlight-reel system to catch the beautiful plays that are made mid-game.


And you’ll be able to experience it all with the Open Beta, so give it a try while it lasts.

NHL 20 will be launched on September 13, 2019.