Xbox Releases “Behind the Briefing” a Mini-Doc About E3

Xbox’s official YouTube channel has released a miniature documentary about what it’s like behind the scenes of a briefing at E3. “Behind the Briefing” features Head of Xbox Phil Spencer throughout the video and there are other team members of Xbox featured in this as well. They talk about and show you what it’s like to produce a briefing at the biggest gaming event of the year. Behind the Briefing does a great job at showing that gamers, developers, and publishers alike come to E3 in order to appreciate and celebrate gaming.

Another thing the mini-doc does well is show just how much E3 means to the developers. As this is a chance for them to show off their project to the world for the first time, and they see first hand from the positive reaction of the briefing’s crowd that all of the team’s hard work paid off. If you want to view another documentary about the ups and downs of game development you should check out “Raising Kratos” as it shows the development process of last year’s Game of the Year God of War.