Turok: Escape from Lost Valley Now Out on PC

A different kind of Turok game released today, that being Turok: Escape from Lost Valley. This game developed by indie game developer studio Pillow Pig Games and was the winner of Universal’s Gamedev Challenge they held which challenge game developers to come up with a new game idea for one of Universal’s properties.

Turok: Escape from Lost Valley differs from past Turok games as it’s not a first-person shooter and givers the Turok series a cute makeover. The gameplay is what is important though and it looks like this game still has solid gameplay, although different from past games in the series. As while controlling Turok, you will have to use both your knife and bow to overcome adorable but dangerous enemies.

If Turok: Escape for Lost Valley looks like something you are interested in, it is available right now on Steam for $13.49. While not an HD remaster, this may just be the next best thing.