Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lunatic Mode Coming via a Free Update

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is releasing this Friday and this week’s issue of Famitsu has a 40-page feature about the game including an interview with Series Director Genki Yokota. In the interview, Yokota gave a few details about Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lunatic Mode and the game’s expansion pass. First, Lunatic mode will not be available at launch but instead be available sometime after launch via a free update. When it comes to the expansion pass of the game, Yokota had this to say;

“The Expansion Pass is only made of side-stories. It won’t contain story content happening after the main story. We’re also planning to add new characters with it. It’ll have a lot of content, so please look forward to it.”

Genki Yokota

This should ease the fears of some players of Fire Emblem Fates as the third and final story of that game, Revelations was only available as paid DLC. So it’s nice to know that the complete game of Three Houses will be available right out of the gates and not cost anything additional. Still, with the amount of content, the expansion pass is sure to add to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’ll more than likely be worth the purchase. Fire Emblem: Three House will be available this Friday on July 26 for the Nintendo Switch. For more information about Fire Emblem: Three Houses you can visit Nintendo’s official website.