Digimon Survive’s Opening Movie Revealed

Digimon Survive had its opening movie revealed on Bandai Namco’s official YouTube channel today. Digimon Survive’s opening movie was previously revealed at The Future of Digimon Anime Expo panel for attendees but it is now available for everyone to watch on YouTube.

The opening movie of Digimon Survive gives a better look at some of the main and supporting characters of Digimon Survive. It also gives viewers a small look at some of the events that will cause the main characters to enter the Digital World and meet their partner Digimon. News reports in the opening movie say that police and the fire department have been investigating earthquakes and other hazards in the vicinity of Kanobe City which just so happens to be the area that the main characters are taking a field trip to. These earthquakes and other hazards are just about guaranteed to be caused by Digimon and will trigger the start of the player’s adventure.

Also in the opening movie, there is an elderly man who is searching for something in the forest which looks like it is in the Digital World since he doesn’t recognize where he is at before being surrounded by red eyes more than likely belonging to Digimon. This means that unlike in the original Digimon Adventure Anime which this is heavily inspired from, where only Digi Destined and Digimon can access the Digital World, in Digimon Survive it looks like just about anyone can stumble into it.

One final thing to mention about the opening movie and perhaps the most noteworthy is just how clean the animation looks. The opening movie is a reason to be excited to see the other movies later in the game as it is sure to feel like you are actually watching a Digimon Anime.

Digimon Survive may have been delayed from 2019 to 2020, but it looks like the wait will be worth it. Digimon Survive will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For more information about Digimon Survive, you can visit its official website.