Google Stadia Details: No Bluetooth Audio at Launch, Chromecast Can Only Use Stadia Controllers And More

More details about Google Stadia and its features at launch have emerged. These details come from the same Reddit AMA that we reported on yesterday. Andrey Doronichev from Google who held the AMA, revealed that at launch, Google Stadia’s controller will not support Bluetooth audio, meaning if you want to listen to audio through headphones, they’ll have to be plugged in through the controller’s built-in headphone jack.

Also revealed was that while any HID-compliant controller like the Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controller is compatible with Google Stadia, these controllers will ONLY be compatible while playing through a Google Chrome browser. So if you plan on playing Google Stadia through the Chromecast on your TV, you will be stuck using Google’s own Stadia controller.

Andrey Doronichev went on to say that he hopes people view Stadia Pro similar to how they view Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus instead of how they view Netflix. Stadia Pro is $9.99 a month and subscribers will be able to stream games with resolutions up to 4K instead of 1080p and will have 5.1 Surround sound. Stadia Pro will also release additional free games regularly. However, revealed in the AMA these games unlike the games available for free every month with PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold may not actually release every month. There will be an average of 1 game a month, with some months offering more than one game and other months offering no games available for free. Compare this to PlayStation Plus where every month there is two games available to download for free, and it seems like Google Stadia Pro is at a slight disadvantage compared to its competitors.

Google Stadia as a whole when it launches in November will be at a disadvantage as it is missing a few basic features that both the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles have had for years such as achievements and Bluetooth audio. For more information about Google Stadia, you can visit its official website.