New Pokémon Masters Trailer Shows Co-op Battles and More

Pokémon Masters received a new trailer showing some gameplay elements for the game. Pokémon Masters will have 3-on-3 real-time battles but these battles will not only see you teaming up with allies you control yourself as there will also be co-op battles. In these co-op battles, players can team up with other players and use unity attacks which are not available in the single-player battles.

Prior to this trailer, it was believed that each trainer that you can add to your team will only have one partner Pokémon. This is not true, however, as announced in this trailer if a trainer is wearing a special outfit called a “sygna suit” that trainer will have a different partner Pokémon than they would have in their standard outfit.

In addition to the large amount of familiar Pokémon trainers from the mainline series of Pokémon games, Pokémon Masters will also include plenty of new and original characters. One such character is Prince Lear who created the Pokémon Masters league. Pokémon Masters is planned to release by the end of this summer for the iOS and Android devices.