Marvel’s Iron Man VR Receives New Details About its Flight Gameplay

PlayStation released a new video today where Camouflaj, the development team behind Marvel’s Iron Man VR revealed some new details about the gameplay mechanics when it comes to flight.

Camouflaj wants the game to feel like you are Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit and they want to accomplish this by making flying feel both comfortable and fast. Both the Iron Man HUD and iconic weapons Iron Man uses will be in the game to further make players feel like they are Iron Man. Camouflaj hopes that players will make a one to one connection with the PlayStation VR as using analog sticks or buttons will not be used to move around but instead, the body of the player will be used to control Iron Man during flight. The team also ensures that the controls will only take players a few seconds to get the hang of before they get the hang of it.

Giving players the same freedom as Iron Man was also important to Camouflaj and therefore are giving players the ability to go wherever they want in a true sandbox-like experience. Players can hover, go down to the floor, fly up to the ceiling and fly around in circles. This is all done in order to make players feel like they are truly in control of Iron Man. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is currently in development for PlayStation VR. For more information about the game, you can check out PlayStation’s official website.