Tetris Effect Releasing for PC on July 23 Via Epic Games Store

Former PlayStation 4 exclusive Tetris Effect will be releasing on PC on July 23 as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Tetris Effect was released last year for the PS4 and PSVR and is a re-imagining of Tetris that was created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and made music and atmosphere centric to the experience.

The PC version of Tetris Effect will include uncapped framerate, 4k resolution, and ultrawide monitor support in addition to other graphical option that the PlayStation version did not include. Like on the PS4, the PC release will also include VR which can be played by using either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. While it will be releasing on July 23, it will be also 20% off until August 6 after which it will be full price at $39.99. For more information about the PC release of Tetris Effect, you can visit Epic Games official website.