Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Getting Cross Progression and Lord Zedd

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a game that while playing well was ultimately lackluster due to the lack of modes, lack of characters, and lack of promises kept by developer nWay. Since launch though nWay has added additional free characters, a story mode, and various gameplay improvement that has made the game become more polished. One thing though that has never been touched upon since announced was the Season 1 DLC pass. This changed today as not only were the characters of the Season 1 DLC pass announced but two of them are available today along with a free update.

The new characters that are available today as part of the Season 1 DLC pass are Trey of Triforia, the original gold ranger and Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger. Both of these characters are available today as part of the season pass which is $14.99 or individually for $6.99. Lord Zedd will also be joining the fight at a later date as the third and final character of the Season 1 Pass.

While you do need to purchase Lord Zedd or any of the other newly announced characters to be able to access them in the game, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid also got some free updates as well. Crossplay, Cross Progression, and Direct Match are the free updates for update 1.3. Crossplay allows players on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One to fight against each other, giving both consoles a larger pool of players to compete against. Cross Progression allows you to carry your progress between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. And Direct Battle allows players on either console to search player IDs and battle each other, no matter the console. This is all possible thanks to the nWayPlay server platform which nWay has begun rolling out.

PS4 players are still left out of crossplay and cross progression but as more PS4 games are becoming crossplay friendly, it’s likely sometime in the future this will become crossplay compatible on the PS4 as well. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is still scheduled to release for PC sometime this summer. For more information about the game, you can visit its official website.